About Bill Dippel


A lot of people have questioned why I would trade in 30 years in the corporate world to risk becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 

Truthfully, it’s because of my 30+ years in the corporate world that I became a coach. After playing both the role of employee and leader, I realized something tragic—most people have no idea who they really are or who they are working with. As a result, people work tirelessly to try and “fix” themselves (and others) and essentially fit square pegs in round holes. 

It has led to dysfunction, poor communication, and unnecessary suffering for employees and leaders alike. But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

The CliftonStrengths System is a powerful tool that helps people better understand themselves and each other. Since 2017, I’ve been using this work to help individuals and organizations unlock their potential and transform their lives and, now, I have the honor of continuing this work to reach more people.

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About Bill Dippel

Bill Dippel’s Top 10 CliftonStrengths 

Individualization – Developer – Activator – Woo – Restorative
Empathy – Harmony – Connectedness – Relator – Learner

Renea’s Top 10 CliftonStrengths 

Learner – Input – Maximizer – Responsibility – Activator – Futuristic – Relator – Developer – Focus – Discipline 

Renea Dippel

STRENGTHS Support Team  

With 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Renea applies her unique talents to support the Bill Dippel Strengths Coaching team in both strategic business planning and workshop facilitation. Renea’s background as an Intrinsic Coach and years in mind and body work means she has worked closely with people for decades. This experience helps her to truly empathize with others and guide them in a way that they learn how to hold the highest value of themselves. What Renea loves most about CliftonStrengths is helping other people get unstuck so they can have more fulfillment not just at work but everywhere else in their lives.

As a husband and wife team, Bill and Renea are able to bring a nice balance in helping understand team and partner dynamics in order to improve communication and the ability to collaborate. If you are a member of a partnership or group, learn more about working with Bill and Renea to implement strengths coaching for your team.  


Most people are unaware of their own natural talents and abilities which limits their effectiveness and causes unnecessary hardship. We help leaders and teams around the nation identify and understand their natural talents and abilities so they can capitalize on their strengths and become more engaged, productive, and personally fulfilled in their careers. 

About Bill Dippel

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I use a proven system to help leaders and their teams better understand themselves, their teammates, and how they can best work together so they can stop wasting time and resources, become more engaged, and bring their best each day.

  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach (2018)
  • Actively Using the Strengths System Since 2017
  • 30+ Years Corporate Experience in a Variety of Industries

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