Strengths Coaching Services

For Leaders, Teams, and Individuals

What is Strengths Coaching? Do I really need it?

Strengths coaching

We help you take action, overcome hurdles, and stay accountable like most any coach would do, with one key advantage – CliftonStrengths and strengths coaching services. 

Strengths-based coaching uses CliftonStrengths to understand the way people think, what motivates them, and their natural talents.

In this way, we can help you learn how to leverage what you’re already great at to overcome hurdles and reach your goals in a way that is more efficient and true to who you really are. 


Do you feel like you’re always working to shore up your weaknesses? 

Is there a lack of unity on your team? 

Do you or your team struggle to communicate? 

Do you struggle to follow through or stay on track with goals?

Is your team disengaged? 

Do you struggle with hiring and talent management? 

As Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches, we bring the proven power of CliftonStrengths to help both individuals, leaders, and teams solve people-related problems and improve performance. 



As a Gallup’s Strength Coach, I use a proven system to help leaders and their teams better understand themselves, their teammates, and how they can best work together so they can stop wasting time and resources, become more engaged, and bring their best each day.

• Certified Gallup Strengths Coach (2018)

• Actively Using the Strengths System Since 2017

• 30+ Years Corporate Experience in a Variety of Industries

For Individuals

Too many people feel unfulfilled at work. Despite constantly hustling to “fix” something about themselves or their performance, they are still undervalued and overlooked by their boss. As Gallup’s Strengths Coaches, we help people discover their natural talents and abilities so they can start leveraging their strengths in a way that they find more fulfillment in their careers…and life.

For Leaders & Teams

Workplaces everywhere are suffering because employees are constantly falling short of the roles they were hired to fill, as teams are left divided because they fail to collaborate. As Gallup’s Strength Coaches, we use a proven system to help leaders and their teams better understand themselves, their teammates, and how they can best work together so they can stop wasting time and resources, become more engaged, and bring their best each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CliftonStrengths assessment?

The CliftonStrengths assessment, formerly known as the Clifton StrengthsFinder, was created by an educational psychologist named Don Clifton. 

It is a web-based assessment that presents 177 questions and measures cognitive function to identify naturally occuring talents and abilities.

How do I take the CliftonStrengths Assessment?

It is possible to take the CliftonStrengths Assessment on your own; however, because it is such a powerful tool, we highly recommend working with a coach in order to get the maximum value and learn how you can actually apply your strengths to see meaningful results in your life.

The first step with Bill Dippel Strengths Coaching is the Strengths Discovery Program. With this program you’ll receive your CliftonStrengths Assessment featuring 34 unique themes, as well as, one-on-one coaching will Bill Dippel.

To sign up for your Strengths Discovery Program  click here.

Should I get my top 5 or all 34 CliftonStrengths?

We are able to coach you using your top 5 strengths, but we highly recommend receiving your full 34 report. It has insights that provide much more information and give you a more complete view. 

Do you work with people one-on-one?

Absolutely! Strengths coaching is diverse and it’s all about helping people be their best. Whether you’re an individual looking for a coaching to help you improve your results in leadership, at work, in relationships, or anywhere else…strengths coaching is designed to help you use your natural talents and abilities to get there. 

Can my spouse and kids take the assessment?

Yes! Many people complete the CliftonStrengths Assessment through their organization and, once they discover how helpful this work is in understanding others and improving communication, they want to implement CliftonStrenths at home too. The assessment is available for anyone, even kids! Schedule a call to learn more.

I’ve been leading people for over 26 years and the strengths coaching and team development work we’ve done with Bill has completely transformed my company and my skills as a leader. Prior to working with Bill, the departments within my company were very divided and somewhat “tribal.” In addition, there were several people that were either not reaching their full potential in their role, or who were being underutilized. After working with Bill, everything has changed! The team is now united and engaged. They take more ownership of their roles, and even lift each other up by passing along regular “atta boys”. As a leader I feel more confident in my ability to see the strengths of each employee and to place them more strategically in a way that benefits them and the company. This work has been so illuminating! The whole team sees themselves and each other differently and it’s made for an entirely different culture and better overall results. 

Peter Lars

Owner, Cornerstone Photography

After working with Bill, I was able to gain a better understanding of my strengths and the strengths of my team members. This work empowered me to partner with other people and quickly identify how our strengths could support each other and identify potential blind spots. The CliftonStrengths system has helped me build partnerships with others throughout the organization and become a better team player. This knowledge helped build my confidence at work and in my personal life. 

Shannon Svaglic

Senior Manager, Planning & Fulfillment at MED-Project USA

As a solopreneur, I often felt the pressure of having to do everything and be everything for my clients. Bill helped me discover my strengths and, through that process, I have learned how to embrace what I am naturally good at and leverage those things for more impact. More importantly, I learned how to let go of the things I’m not naturally good at and find the support I need from people who are. It has completely transformend my view of myself and others. I was able to re-design my business so that I could stop “doing it all” and zero in on what I’m really passionate about and that brings the most value to my clients.

Ali Alden

Business Made Simple Coach

Get Started With A Strengths Discovery Session

Strengths Discovery – $249 


  • CliftonStrengths 34 Report
  • 90 Minute Review & Coaching Session

Receive your complete CliftonStrengths 34 Report and custom coaching to learn about your results and how to aim your strengths at your biggest obstacles and goals.