Discover the New CliftonStrengths for Leaders Report and Become a More Effective Leader

Leadership is a complex concept often bogged down by various definitions and qualifications. I’m a firm believer that everyone leads, in some way, in the workplace. Some people lead by example, and others lead by sheer will. The great thing about leadership is that both examples are perfectly valid ways to do it. The worst thing about leadership is that it’s easy to lead poorly. Set a bad example or impose a draconian rule, and the results will speak for themselves. The new CliftonStrengths for Leaders report is a powerful tool to help you explore what kind of leader you are and how that leadership style impacts those around you.


“Greatness is not created in a vacuum, armed with the insights the report provides, explore what kind of leader you are and how that leadership style impacts those around you.

CliftonStrengths for LeadersWhat can the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report do for you?

People sometimes say it’s lonely at the top. For many leaders, that’s true, but it doesn’t have to be. When those lonely leaders at the top stop and look around, they’ll see many other lonely leaders looking inward at their challenges. Focusing too much on what you haven’t done fails to recognize everything you have accomplished. You became a leader because of the unique mix of strengths inside you. It’s time to open your eyes and embrace that position. With the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report, you’ll begin to see how your leadership style affects your personal experience and, more importantly, the people and relationships around you. The report lets you let go of what you feel you can’t do and focus on what you do so well. The Leadership Report is ground zero for a new understanding of yourself. The report itself is a wonderful tool for self-evaluation, but in my experience, it’s an even better tool for peer evaluation. Greatness is not created in a vacuum. Armed with the insights the report provides, you can take the conversation about your leadership into the world. Ask your colleagues and friends how your strengths impact their lives. You’ll begin to see that leadership is an interconnected web of influence, and how you manipulate those strings can create either harmony or discord.

CliftonStrengths for LeadersWho can use the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report?

Anyone can use the report. It’s a simple answer because it’s true. From entry-level employees to CEOs, the report provides a framework of understanding that can be unparalleled in value. A commitment to making actionable changes is absolutely necessary to get the most from the Leader’s report. An entry-level employee may take the insights in the report and carry them through their career. A CEO who thinks they’ve got it all figured out may print the report, put it on their desk, and never look at it again. (Big mistake!) Ultimately, it’s all about how you use the tools at your fingertips: your strengths. Hone your strengths, and they’ll only become more valuable as you find new and innovative ways to employ them. You’ll also learn when not to use particular strengths. Selecting the correct tool is where newer leaders often miss the mark. To gauge if the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report is right for you, simply look at who you interact with daily. I’m sure you’ll agree that your decisions and conversations make a difference. Refining your strengths will broaden and deepen that impact.

CliftonStrengths for LeadersHow do you use the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report?

Inside the report, you’ll have access to your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes. If you’ve taken the initial CliftonStrengths assessment, you’ll know what these terms mean and how they apply to you. I always recommend that leaders become familiar with these themes beforehand, but if you’re the type that wants to jump right into what you feel is important, I see the merit in that as well!

Each of your top 10 themes will be detailed in separate theme pages that examine how they contribute to your success and how they may be holding you back. With each theme, you’ll also have access to specific action items to hone your strength and refine how you use it in your daily life. Each theme also has reflection exercises that urge you to dig deep into your relationship with it. As I’ve said before, you’ll get from the report what you put into it. We can provide you with all the necessary tools, but you must do the work.

But don’t do it alone! I saw you feeling alone again at the top. There are people all around you that want to help. And if you need an additional push, strengths coaching is just a phone call away!

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