Leverage the CliftonStrengths for Sales Report to Improve Your Sales Strategy

Salespeople are the connective link between the customer and the company. Without them, even the greatest products go unsold, and customers find other solutions for their needs. Since you’re reading this, I assume you already know how vital your role is, but it really can’t be understated: without you, the whole operation just doesn’t work. The CliftonStrengths for Sales Report is specifically tailored to help salespeople use their strengths to refine their strategy and get more from every minute of their day.

Once you’ve completed your general CliftonStrengths finder, you can dig deeper into the sales report to learn more about using your strengths to improve your sales ability. We’ll talk about how that works, what it looks like, and why you should take the next step.


“Every customer is different, making every sale a unique puzzle for a salesperson. By understanding your strengths, you can craft your sales strategy to maximize your success.”

Clifton Strengths for SalesWhat can the CliftonStrengths for Sales Report do for you?

Every customer is different, making every sale a unique puzzle for a salesperson. The strategies you employ to solve these puzzles determine your success and failure. By understanding your strengths, you can craft your sales strategy to maximize your success. Salespeople who receive strengths-based coaching have an 11% higher volume and a 6% higher closing percentage. That means that by understanding your strengths, you can do more and make more with your most valuable resource: time.

Employees who use strengths-based approaches are six times more likely to say they get to do what they do best in their jobs. The confidence to say they’re competent and effective is one of the most powerful tools to reach even greater goals in the future.

Who can use the CliftonStrengths for Sales report?

After taking the initial CliftonStrengths assessment, you might want to better understand how your strengths translate into the workplace. Selecting the correct report from the CliftonStrengths suite of resources can be overwhelming at times. (There are a lot of resources!) If you look at the Leadership and Manager’s reports, you’ll see that those reports are focused more internally on the company itself. The Leadership report focuses on broad strategy, and the Manager’s report dives into employee direction. Sales, in contrast, helps to enlighten and define how you can interact directly with your customers.

So how do you know if the CliftonStrengths for Sales report is right for you? There are three kinds of people I’ll specifically discuss who can benefit from the report:

Clifton Strengths for SalesSalespeople

As I said earlier, salespeople are the links between the customer and the company. If your role lands in that space, the sales report can help you. Face-to-face with potential new clients or maintaining relationships with an established customer base, you’re the one closing the deal. The CliftonStrengths for Sales report will help you adapt your top 10 strengths into a cohesive strategy for success. The report is specifically tailored to help you understand your natural strengths and weaknesses and increase your productivity and success.

Sales Managers

I can see you going back and forth between the CliftonStrengths for Manager’s report and the CliftonStrengths for Sales report, trying to decide which one is right for you. The short answer is that both of them are for you. The somewhat longer answer is that each report can help you solve different problems. The Managers report will help you craft a leadership style to get the best out of your employees. The sales report can help you better understand your relationship with sales and direct relationships with customers. Additionally, extending the opportunity to use the report to your sales team can help them understand their strengths and increase productivity.

CliftonStrengths for SalesHuman Resources Leaders

Okay, so maybe you’re not on the phone with customers or demonstrating the features of the latest products on the showroom floor. But you’re responsible for the people who are. Helping the sales team to better understand their strengths and weaknesses leads to not just an increase in productivity but also to greater levels of well-being. (See our post on employee well-being for more information on that front) By extending the opportunity to use the CliftonStrengths for Sales report, you can help your sales team meet and even exceed their goals.

How do you use the CliftonStrengths for Sales report?

Inside the report, you’ll find your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes. These themes are what make you unique as a salesperson. Using these to craft your sales strategy will make you more comfortable and effective. Using so-called tried-and-true methods for making the sale might work at times, but those methods ignore the unique strengths that you bring to the process.

As you read through your CliftonStrengths for Sales report, each of your top themes will be broken out into theme pages to help you thoroughly explore how they impact your sales. Sales-specific insights help you understand how to leverage these effectively. There are also opportunities for each theme to reflect on them and think critically about how you can apply them directly to your sales process.

You’re in sales for a reason. Somewhere along the line, you engaged with customers, and something clicked. Your natural strengths aligned in a way that allowed you to connect with people and help them get what they need. As with most things in life, though, results take effort. The first step to improving your sales is understanding those natural strengths and weaknesses. From there, crafting a winning sales strategy will feel as good as making that first sale.

If you would like to fully realize your potential as a salesperson, consider the CliftonStrengths for Sales report:

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